About Me

I'm from the USA (Whidbey Island and Woodinville, WA) and was born in 1992, my wife is Swedish. When I was 18 I moved to Reykjavík, Iceland, at age 20 I moved to Uppsala, Sweden. At age 25 I went on exchange to Japan for a year, at age 26 I moved to Taiwan. I didn't manage to get hired for a part-time job even once in my life until I was 25 and in Japan; my first full-time job came from Taiwan (teaching English). I have "aniridia", which means that my eyes don't adjust to light because the ring of colour in them is missing. I see really badly and can't drive a car or work outside, which is half of why I couldn't find a job for so long. Not even McDonald's wanted to hire me!

My hobbies are languages (both learning and teaching), translating, anime, manga and fic. Contrary to popular belief I don't love all languages, but I do like how learning/translating a language is like figuring out a puzzle. My favourite types of anime/manga is BL and psychological horror. For BL authors I really like Harada, Yoneda Kou and Asada Nemui — for other stuff I like Monster, Sanctuary, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Parasyte, Devilman.... For regular novels I like Osamu Dazai, Natsume Souseki and Vladimir Nabokov, but nowadays I mostly read nonfiction.

I speak English, Swedish, Japanese, and Esperanto decently; I'm a bit worse at Chinook Jargon; I can read Faroese (but not speak/write it), I just started learning Mandarin in 2018.