I'm busy with school so I won't update my website! I hid most of the pages!

Lerntaskoj tro okupigas min, do kaŝigis min la paĝojn ĉi tie ĉar ĵus nun ne povas ripari/plibonigi ĉion!!


— 2017.02.11


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Esperanto Pokemon Stuff:
151 pokemon-nomoj esperante / 1st-gen pokemon names in Esperanto.

Pokemon Hacking Stuff:
70% complete Editing text and dialogue.

Misc Language stuff:
Indonesian Word Frequency List | Indonezia vortofteco.
80% Swedish prefixes and suffixes
90% English isn't like German!

Japanese stuff:
80% How is the Japanese degree at Högskolan Dalarna? + my tips for studying Japanese. 10% Videogames for beginners at Japanese
50% Manga for beginners at Japanese

Esperanto stuff:
50% Esperanto Grammar Lessons.
Videogame Tutorials:
1. Ni No Kuni (3DS)
2. Pokemon Yellow: How to always catch MissingNo (gotta find the link)

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